Sunday, 17 January 2010

youmeatsix+old houses

well today was fun ;)
lazzyy family kinda day, got the youmeatsix cd for free baby. thats the highlight of my day tbh. then i took the dog for a walk with my mummm, and we went past the house i lived in until i was about 4 years old. so we went in, cause we know the lady who owns it now and i didnt regognice ONE bit of it. my mum was like "omg how cant you?" then i told her i was about 3/4 when we left and she understood. but i was surprised that i didnt even feel like i knew the place, it just felt like a complete strangers house.
then i came home and straightened my hair for yeaarrrs, i know its bad for my hair, but it just felt really calming? wierd.
the radio is actually playing decent music today :) i like rhiannas new song- hard i think?
and and and
i was so cool today ;) i went into one of those massive chavvy sports shops, and it was like "sale!!" everywhere. originally i went in there to get some running shoes so i can start propperly running and loose some wieght, but in the end i left with 3 pairs of shoes ;)
i managed to get a pair of ODD airwalk shoes, which for one- airwalk sucks. two-they are odd? like, noticable. like one has a white topcap and one doesnt and stuff. then i got some well sexy running shoes ;) but who cares! no one will see me running so its okay (Y) then i got some green flash shoes? for p.e at school cause tbh, school lessons dont matter that much so i didnt bother getting propper running shoes. cost too much.
OH YEAH. i forgot to mention, those odd airwalks? they were £4! i mean, FOUR POUNDDSS?
i think thats pretty insanely good. considering normally they are like £50.

i am one lucky lady ;) all of this was FREEE for me cause i was so lovely to the 'rents.
i think i should do it more often, im such a spoilt brat. ahh well, i dont care :)

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