Saturday, 16 January 2010


seriously, has no one got over this crraazzy fashion yet? they are NOT flattering. they are see-through.
either too baggy when your thin
or too tight when your bigger,
they dont really look good in my opinion, if you want to be comfortable sure, but atleast cover your ass. they are not trousers, i do not want to be able to walk around town and see what underwear every girl is wearing, thankyou very much.

i was reading a magazine the other day, where miley cyrus was being interviewed. they asked her what kind of thing she wanted to achieve, and she said she would want to be like beyonce because when you see her you dont think "i wonder whats going on in her private life" you are merely consumed by her music. i think this is how every major star should be, but its obviously not, because where would all the fun be?! i mean, imagine how boring 2009 would have been without lady gaga to bring out a whole new style craze and give a bit of drama to all of our lives. whether you loved or hated her, you couldnt help but know about her, thats what i call fame. even now you look at music videos and they are all attempting to be as crazy as hers, i mean; rhianna? beyonce? etc. etc.
i think its quite some achievement.

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