Wednesday, 27 January 2010


i'm absolutely intirely in love with season 3 :)
fredie is stupidly yummy, which im sure many many people agree with me on. i mean, ahh, it makes me tingly when i watch the scene were him and effy are in english and their hands are almost touching :D
effy herself is like, my girl crush.
shes utterly stunning and another of my icons :D i so want to look like that and take some of her confidence in style. also the actress, kaya? is amazing in herself, so really, its a win win situation all round me thinks.
theres a skins party at a place near me, and apparently effy is gunna be there, me and jaime so so so wanna go, gunna see if its for over 18s or not, it should be a rave.

Hadouken too, it will be good.
and the history trip, even if we do jump at each others every word and argue non stop, it'll be insaneeee.

i have found a new love for some old bands too,
maroon 5? the calling? even going back as far as Trex ;)
life is gunna get good, i can feel it!

can't waitttt.
especailly once i get these stupid motherfucking braces off!
stupid lady, but yea,
braceless, weightless, and worryless,
sounds good to me (:

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