Monday, 21 December 2009

i hate boys.

stupid creatures.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


i love the guy from cute is what we aim for's voice :)


Hey Boiiis,

first time ;) go easy?

just fyi,

i'm pretty darn boring, sarcastic, arguementative, nerdish et sensitive. i'm a listener, i just listen to people. My mates rely on me, i am most deffinately the one that they come to for a good old whine. i don't really mind it, sure it can get annoying to know their problems but not be able to help, but i get used to it. i don't really like msn, facebook, myspace, bebo, twitter or any other god forsaken internet sites, it gives people the confidence to say things to people that they wouldn't dare say to their faces. why should sitting behind a screen and saying stuff make it any better than saying it to their faces. So please, for my sanitys sake, keep the not-helping-just-trying-to-make-you-feel-bad comments to yourself.

well anyway,

today was madly boring, and uninteresting. as per usual- wake up, phone, msn, got up, school, ran home in the rain, msn, reading, and art coursework. I think it was the coldest today that its been all year, and dark too. the only thing slightly different about my day was that dad was ill, its wierd. not used to not having him there in the morning, up and getting me breakfast. i'm pretty sure i take him too much for granted.

I had a good art lesson today though, did some printing, cause they want it for our experimentation coursework. i didn't think i would like it, seemed like a bit of a chore to me, but it turned out to be really good. Miss didnt seem too bad today, she actually seemed happy, which was different...

Ah well, got some good ol' mags here, just waiting to be read. hmmmmmmmm. i love my sister. she just gives me all her old ones, like, ok! and new!, cheap skate of a sister i got there, but i love all the cheesy-ness and fakeness that comes with the american stars. i have to say, i'm impressed with Lady Gaga, shes completely taken over, i would love to know what goes through her mind on a daily basis. I'm betting shes just the same as all of us, but not as scared to show it. Or maybe she is scared, and she hides behind the very small pants she insists on wearing. oh well, i'm not gunna pretend i know anything about her, her life is her life, not mine.

New Moon,

has really rocketed off the scales. Its pretty wierd to think that i was reading the books long before i heard about the movies. i was obsessed, and everyone didnt understand my love for them. then as soon as theres some cute guys and a good old love story, everyones obsessed. its made me feel a bit sick everytime i think about it. seriously, mention someone you think is fit, and im betting that SOMEONE will bring up "jacob's fynnnneee body" (may i just say, Jacob doesn't exist, the person's whos "fynee body" it is, would happen to be called Taylor.)

oh well, i refuse to go on and on about Twilight or New Moon,

although im liking the rave thats going on between rob and kristen ;)

recently i've been feeling propper lifeless,

just like im going through the motions of living, but not actually LIVING.

so i figured if i typed out all this shit to no one in particular, i could just run over the feelings and figure out what the problem was, and try to find a solution.

i need to figure this out,

i suggest that you listen to vanity-Lady Gaga, or pokerface cover- YouMeAtSix.

i'm addicted,

take care anyone who actually had the time to find this and read it ;)

Luvss yaz,