Friday, 29 January 2010

somethings are really comforting

like having your best friend fall asleep next to you, apart from when she gets a text and we both have a fit cause its so scary in the silence.

is with her best friend for an insanee night in :)

sitting on her bed, with the covers all over me and loads of cushions, tele, music, msn, homework, and a lush chat :)

its amazing.

just been to the gym with her and jaime, swam for like, 45 minutes, and then went to the gym for an hour, i was very very very proud with myself.
we're gunna make a thing out of it, every week.
sitting in her super cool retro campervan, our song came on the radio! we both started screaming like mad men, her dad was like, WHATS WRONG WHATS WRONG!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


i'm absolutely intirely in love with season 3 :)
fredie is stupidly yummy, which im sure many many people agree with me on. i mean, ahh, it makes me tingly when i watch the scene were him and effy are in english and their hands are almost touching :D
effy herself is like, my girl crush.
shes utterly stunning and another of my icons :D i so want to look like that and take some of her confidence in style. also the actress, kaya? is amazing in herself, so really, its a win win situation all round me thinks.
theres a skins party at a place near me, and apparently effy is gunna be there, me and jaime so so so wanna go, gunna see if its for over 18s or not, it should be a rave.

Hadouken too, it will be good.
and the history trip, even if we do jump at each others every word and argue non stop, it'll be insaneeee.

i have found a new love for some old bands too,
maroon 5? the calling? even going back as far as Trex ;)
life is gunna get good, i can feel it!

can't waitttt.
especailly once i get these stupid motherfucking braces off!
stupid lady, but yea,
braceless, weightless, and worryless,
sounds good to me (:

Sunday, 17 January 2010

youmeatsix+old houses

well today was fun ;)
lazzyy family kinda day, got the youmeatsix cd for free baby. thats the highlight of my day tbh. then i took the dog for a walk with my mummm, and we went past the house i lived in until i was about 4 years old. so we went in, cause we know the lady who owns it now and i didnt regognice ONE bit of it. my mum was like "omg how cant you?" then i told her i was about 3/4 when we left and she understood. but i was surprised that i didnt even feel like i knew the place, it just felt like a complete strangers house.
then i came home and straightened my hair for yeaarrrs, i know its bad for my hair, but it just felt really calming? wierd.
the radio is actually playing decent music today :) i like rhiannas new song- hard i think?
and and and
i was so cool today ;) i went into one of those massive chavvy sports shops, and it was like "sale!!" everywhere. originally i went in there to get some running shoes so i can start propperly running and loose some wieght, but in the end i left with 3 pairs of shoes ;)
i managed to get a pair of ODD airwalk shoes, which for one- airwalk sucks. two-they are odd? like, noticable. like one has a white topcap and one doesnt and stuff. then i got some well sexy running shoes ;) but who cares! no one will see me running so its okay (Y) then i got some green flash shoes? for p.e at school cause tbh, school lessons dont matter that much so i didnt bother getting propper running shoes. cost too much.
OH YEAH. i forgot to mention, those odd airwalks? they were £4! i mean, FOUR POUNDDSS?
i think thats pretty insanely good. considering normally they are like £50.

i am one lucky lady ;) all of this was FREEE for me cause i was so lovely to the 'rents.
i think i should do it more often, im such a spoilt brat. ahh well, i dont care :)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

i'm so glad the ice is finally melting.

i can actually walk around in normal shoes without feelings like im having a massive five hour long resistance workout on my thigh muscles!
i'm not a big fan of snow in the first place, call me a bore but its true, then i got all this snow which was totally out of place for england. tried to go out for one day and actually managed to have fun, even if i lost all feelings in my legs and dropped my gloves in an icey puddle. then the next day i woke up and felt awful! sore throat, couldnt breathe propperly, cough, cold, fever, EVERYTHING. i was in bed for five days solidly, which i think is quite a skill tbh.
so i managed to miss most of the snow, but even so, it was scarryyyy when i went out.
i pulled a few of my insane ninja skills to stop from falling flat on my butt, so that was good, but last night, i went to a friends who lives out of town.
i had my beautiful steel tiped black leather shoes on, which trust me, have no grip whatsoever. and the town where my friend lives is still covered in ice, so Jaime and i gripped onto each other, as if she was the only thing keeping me alive. i felt like one of those typical in movies, "dumb blonde" bitchy NYC gals, who only wear heels and trit about all over the place.
but when we made it back to izzies house, we got niceeee and cosy and had a nice girly night. so thankyou izzie and jaime for that!
even though i had to endure a night of waking up every 5 minutes because of the noise of the rain, i am so glad that the snow is gone!
hopefully all the rain we had today will dry up though, cause that will just as easily be the next topic of my blog if it doesnt.

i can't wait for this summer,
trips to london with the best friend,
sunbathing on the beaches,
pumping music,
new styles & even the nightmare outfits you wished never existed.
it'll be so amazing,
i can not wait.



seriously, has no one got over this crraazzy fashion yet? they are NOT flattering. they are see-through.
either too baggy when your thin
or too tight when your bigger,
they dont really look good in my opinion, if you want to be comfortable sure, but atleast cover your ass. they are not trousers, i do not want to be able to walk around town and see what underwear every girl is wearing, thankyou very much.

i was reading a magazine the other day, where miley cyrus was being interviewed. they asked her what kind of thing she wanted to achieve, and she said she would want to be like beyonce because when you see her you dont think "i wonder whats going on in her private life" you are merely consumed by her music. i think this is how every major star should be, but its obviously not, because where would all the fun be?! i mean, imagine how boring 2009 would have been without lady gaga to bring out a whole new style craze and give a bit of drama to all of our lives. whether you loved or hated her, you couldnt help but know about her, thats what i call fame. even now you look at music videos and they are all attempting to be as crazy as hers, i mean; rhianna? beyonce? etc. etc.
i think its quite some achievement.

Kristen Stewart

Shes like marmite made into a person. everyone seems to either hate her because shes "fake" and is actually getting somewhere in life, or love her to the extremes that its scary. people should just chill out. i was just really bored and wanted to check out some new styles and such, so i was looking up some random stars. when i came to her i actually stopped and looked. its no secret, i read the twilight saga before it became famous and i loved it, and i am glad that its getting the publicity it deserves, but for me personally its got a bit old. but trust me, all the movies i will be seeing on the first day out, no matter what. but whatever, i was looking at some pictures of her on google, and i realised for about the 3rd time in my life that shes actually really stunning. the way she can pull off the "i didnt try" look, but not in an "alexa chung" way, which i think is getting a bit old. i love the way she wears the converse-jeans-raybans look really well. what i want to know is how she gets her hair that kind of, no-parting-messy-changes-everyday, look. i think now she is probably one of my major style icons, it shows that you dont necessarily have to stick to the leggings, long hair, foundation look that most girls have going on now.

good song: