Tuesday, 8 June 2010


life is so fucking boring.

Monday, 7 June 2010


i love it, no matter how many times i go, it never bores me.

- shopping in oxford street,
- oxo tower for dinner,
- camden market,
- bond street,
- locandalocatelli

short but sweet weekend,

* blue topshop shorts.
* "ohmylove" crop top.
* white vans.
* 6 bracelets.
* maroon harringgton.
* cream and navy polka dot top.
* green flower top.
* black and white crop.

you get the upper hand as soon as you fold

i can't wait till exams are over, but at the same time, im liking the freedom.

getting my hair cut tommmorow (L)

i need a good book, i really do.
they're all about vamps.
i need something that really stands out to me.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


i'll help you break the walls down, bust you out and take you home, believe you me, you are not alone,

rocket summer


epic epic love.

town, albert road, dead mans glory,
cutee bag for £4 and a denim jeacket beauty for £6,
sat on the common in the sunshine,
lunch avec dad, rich and shreddie,
walked early, cheesy chips and squeeky alarms to keep away the yobs,
corner of road with paedos,
self timer,
crazyyyy queue mood,
matthew P - cute sign,
shotgunned guy, ice.
cute guy smiling,
"he's got a bit of ginger in him i think"
m+d doing doggy, and skanky pictures,
technical difficulties - blackbird.
him making a song, talented,
paparazi, in the crowd,
short arse girlfriends,
security cameras "lets leg it",
flapjacks and doritos,
rosie instument - my favorite highway,
lush guy and odd socks,
free hugs and protectivness,

i love jaime

wall of magasines

i'm quite proud of my room now.