Thursday, 3 June 2010

rocket summer


epic epic love.

town, albert road, dead mans glory,
cutee bag for £4 and a denim jeacket beauty for £6,
sat on the common in the sunshine,
lunch avec dad, rich and shreddie,
walked early, cheesy chips and squeeky alarms to keep away the yobs,
corner of road with paedos,
self timer,
crazyyyy queue mood,
matthew P - cute sign,
shotgunned guy, ice.
cute guy smiling,
"he's got a bit of ginger in him i think"
m+d doing doggy, and skanky pictures,
technical difficulties - blackbird.
him making a song, talented,
paparazi, in the crowd,
short arse girlfriends,
security cameras "lets leg it",
flapjacks and doritos,
rosie instument - my favorite highway,
lush guy and odd socks,
free hugs and protectivness,

i love jaime

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