Saturday, 16 January 2010

i'm so glad the ice is finally melting.

i can actually walk around in normal shoes without feelings like im having a massive five hour long resistance workout on my thigh muscles!
i'm not a big fan of snow in the first place, call me a bore but its true, then i got all this snow which was totally out of place for england. tried to go out for one day and actually managed to have fun, even if i lost all feelings in my legs and dropped my gloves in an icey puddle. then the next day i woke up and felt awful! sore throat, couldnt breathe propperly, cough, cold, fever, EVERYTHING. i was in bed for five days solidly, which i think is quite a skill tbh.
so i managed to miss most of the snow, but even so, it was scarryyyy when i went out.
i pulled a few of my insane ninja skills to stop from falling flat on my butt, so that was good, but last night, i went to a friends who lives out of town.
i had my beautiful steel tiped black leather shoes on, which trust me, have no grip whatsoever. and the town where my friend lives is still covered in ice, so Jaime and i gripped onto each other, as if she was the only thing keeping me alive. i felt like one of those typical in movies, "dumb blonde" bitchy NYC gals, who only wear heels and trit about all over the place.
but when we made it back to izzies house, we got niceeee and cosy and had a nice girly night. so thankyou izzie and jaime for that!
even though i had to endure a night of waking up every 5 minutes because of the noise of the rain, i am so glad that the snow is gone!
hopefully all the rain we had today will dry up though, cause that will just as easily be the next topic of my blog if it doesnt.

i can't wait for this summer,
trips to london with the best friend,
sunbathing on the beaches,
pumping music,
new styles & even the nightmare outfits you wished never existed.
it'll be so amazing,
i can not wait.


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