Saturday, 16 January 2010

Kristen Stewart

Shes like marmite made into a person. everyone seems to either hate her because shes "fake" and is actually getting somewhere in life, or love her to the extremes that its scary. people should just chill out. i was just really bored and wanted to check out some new styles and such, so i was looking up some random stars. when i came to her i actually stopped and looked. its no secret, i read the twilight saga before it became famous and i loved it, and i am glad that its getting the publicity it deserves, but for me personally its got a bit old. but trust me, all the movies i will be seeing on the first day out, no matter what. but whatever, i was looking at some pictures of her on google, and i realised for about the 3rd time in my life that shes actually really stunning. the way she can pull off the "i didnt try" look, but not in an "alexa chung" way, which i think is getting a bit old. i love the way she wears the converse-jeans-raybans look really well. what i want to know is how she gets her hair that kind of, no-parting-messy-changes-everyday, look. i think now she is probably one of my major style icons, it shows that you dont necessarily have to stick to the leggings, long hair, foundation look that most girls have going on now.

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