Saturday, 28 August 2010

my father once told me,

"i want you to find something that gives you a buzz!
your mum and i have hopefully given you enough to make you happy with the way you live,
but i dont want you to get satisfied, i want you to want to serch for something more.
i want you to want to get out there and meet people, do amazing things,
i dont want you to become bored of people because you already have everything you could possibly need.
i didn't have that much when i was growing up, which made me get out there and live my life.
your mum didnt have that much and she got out there and lived an extraordinary life.
i want you to appriciate things, sometimes i think you are too clever for your own good.
your a beautiful girl, and i dont want you to waste that.
so many people tell me what a beautiful girl you are, dont waste it.
your so like me, but theres one big difference..
im ready to take a leap to get something i want,
whereas i think you aren't prepared to make that leap, because you dont really want it that much."

i want to find something to give me that buzz too.

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