Monday, 2 August 2010


its quite wierd how guys and girls have a completely different opinion on what is hot and whats not.

talking to a mate of mine, he thought the hottest person in the world was elle macpherson?
personally, i just dont see it,

megan fox: i can understand you know, shes got that really sexy feel about her, like angelina jolie had/has.
but other people im just completely amazed when a guy points out as being "fyneeee".

i need more guy friends, i really do. they interest me, its like a whole different species.
men confuse me :)


ohhhh and dont even get my started on this "letting the whole of facebook know about your relationship"

its pathetic, i hate it when people have their status' as like
" babe, i miss you so much, thankyou for such a lovely day, i love you so much, no one could take you from me, we're gunna last forever "

it kills me inside to be quite frank.
if i had a boyfriend who did that allllll the time i would just get embaressed and annoyed.
it would not end well.

i like my men to be manly.

well i say that, but i actually have no idea, cause if i got a manly guy i would probably just want to punch him straight in the face. but we'll forget that minor little point ;)

pictures of couples kissing is not necessary though. that is a line that i will never cross. unless the picture was taken without me knowing whilst i was drunk or something,
then its different.
i just dont get how it would come up in conversation, like this?

lover A : " so what movie do you wanna watch baby? "
lover B : " erm transformers 2? sound like a good bet? oh and did you want to take some photos of us making out, so that i can put them straight up on facebook later and show everyone what a shit kisser i am and that our noses always bash? "
lover A : " okay babe! sounds like a good idea, better than watching transformers 2 where i can mentally fuck megan fox, i will just forget that plan and go along with your silly photo fetish. "

really necessary?

like for real. do guys not think its totally wierd for girls to take the photos?
do they not say something about it?
it will never cease to amaze me.

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