Thursday, 27 May 2010


haha, so im just going to pour my heart out, hope you dont mind ;)

i have bloody freckles, on my collar bones, amoung like, every other fricking place on my body, thanks M+D for your freckle prone DNA. thanks so much ;)
biology exam tommorow, nice shit, i think its going to go okay, except from like, well pretty much quite alot ;) nice one rosie...
i love my jeans. they are like jeggings, but oh so much better, 'cause quite frankly, jeggins suck ass..

my arm is currently having shocks running up and down it because i haven't moved it in a while, hmm.. worrying.
what is with it at the end of that new kesha song, its like "i like your beard" haha, COOL SHIT.
everyone is still trying to be lady gaga, get over it.
simple is the way forward, looks so much nicer mannn.

jeans, sandals, cut off top and a range of necklaces, its the way to go this summer,
myyy hairrr, has grown, again, yippeeee.
its like, below my boobs, great or what? i love it :)
i want it at my waist.

seriously, you can't beat a bit of good old you me at six, i forget about them for a while, then listen to some of their old skkoooll shit, and its like, i love you. i really do.

an eye for an eye will only make the world blind.

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