Friday, 17 December 2010

i used to think,

that i would love to live in a snowy country,
like canada which has snow 5 months of the year or something stupid like that,
always thought of myself as a snow person, not a heat person,

but if im honest! since we've been having the tiniest amounts of snow, i want to cry,
hahaha, its so annoying,

but the plus side of snow is the beautiful light it gives,
even at midnight, theres a slightly orange glow to the sky,
its absolutely amazing, <3

still can't quite believe im going on a skiing holiday when i hate snow..
hmmm. nice one.

and i will have to use ski lifts, which i hate with a passion and are seriously freaked out about,

but it'll be a sicccck holiday anyway!


  1. That orange glow in the sky is called light pollution...
    haha :)
    dont worry chicken strip, ill be ready and waiting at the bottom!

  2. hahaha yeah ;) but its pretty, cause its all reflected by the snow, :)
    and yeah.... that'd be even more scary!