Sunday, 21 November 2010


i apoligise for the lack of cropping,
my laptops mouse is majorly fucked and wont allow me to utilise the crop button,
just going to have to deal with it tbh.

refound my love for lostprophets randomly,
never lose the love for bands that got you into actually caring about style,

my whole project is about nature, in various ways,
it started out as nature v machinery, blatez.
but this has now turned into the ageing process and becoming wiser and more marked with age.
rings on trees,
wrinkles on hands,
lines on shells,
this has then progressed into layers,
each layer almost representing a period of the subjects life,
like a scar represents a monumentous moment in someones life.
the more intricate the layers, the more aged and worldly you are,
just need to work on this a bit more and figure out a way to compose this and what kind of backgrounds im going to be working on,
this is the bit that always gets me, i run out of steam,
i get all these ideas, progress and progress,
then all of a sudden, boom. im finished. cant be fucked anymore.
gotta stop that...
art coursework is a killer.

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