Sunday, 17 October 2010


i'll be your best friend and you'll be my valentine.

the social network bitches.
ann summers party, dont think our parents would approove.
alright film.. bit boring tbh.
getting offered krispy kremes by random boys,
turning to jaime and have her finish my sentence about the grumpy one being me of their group,
bin racism.
yo sushi!,
stupid taxi driver,
stalking alice and frankies taxi,
watching xfactor with jamjam,
<3 16.10.10

walking the dog with the 'rents in the beautiful weather,
planning what im going to have to get for skiing,
baking cupcakes,
pie leaves,
the fray,
unnofficial boyf,
<3 17.10.10

had a revelation that i actually deffinately want to take a gap year after uni,
working in a bar for a bit, get some money together, meet some people,
go to france with a boyfriend and get trains down through europe to italy,
stay in italy for a bit, see izy in austria for a bit ;)
stay in shreddies place in italy,
go to spain, fly to new york from there,
stay there for 4 nights,
drive across america on route 66,
taking 3 weeks, stopping in places,
get to california, stay for 2 weeks,
go to las vagas, etc.etc.
stand infront of the "Welcome to California" sign like my mum did when she was 20,
fly back home, stay in cornwall with friends for a bit, get a house,
find a job,
and carry on with my life ;)

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