Monday, 1 February 2010

emo boys.

i think i may have refound my love for the emo looking guy, but that doesnt mean i want one remotely as my boyfriend. they are way too much hassle, unless they can stand on their own two feet, it isnt worth it.
did 80 lengths at the swimming pool today, i feel proud, im gradually makeing it more each time! its immense. i love it when im swimming.
i dont know which movie to watch, cause i have alot of time to pass atm. :|
boring boring life tbh.


  1. not only that, but i never understood how their hair doesn't move and stays in that emo-in your face-over your eye-kind of placement. ??

  2. hahaha totally! its like, seriously, can you even see through that like, curtain of hair? -cause i sure as hell can't see their eyes..

    :) x